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On a cold night in November 1865, Michel Llewellyn informs his only daughter, Priscilla, that she is betrothed to Josiah Pennyman, a man she has never met. Six months later, she boards the Emma, a merchant ship, to travel from Boston to the Pennyman ranch outside Corpus Christi, Texas.

Denied the company of her lady’s maid, Priscilla embarks on the journey alone. Faced with superstitious seamen, the civil unrest in New Orleans, and her own doubts, she resolves to honor her father’s wishes.

But, when Josiah Pennyman reveals his true nature, she hopes only to escape this man, and Texas, with her life. 

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Having escaped a life of horror, Priscilla and Elizabeth find themselves on a cross-country journey to Elizabeth’s family in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to a new start in life. In Saint Louis, Missouri, the ladies are unsettled by seeing a man they are certain is dead. Shot.

They dismiss this man as nothing more than a doppelgänger. What other explanation could there be? Continuing their journey across the country, they encounter the mystery man in other cities.

When the man’s identity is revealed, Priscilla and Elizabeth fear for the safety of Elizabeth’s family, as well as their own. Will the friends be able to escape the menace of their past? Will they find the love and contentment they seek? Or, will this man take their lives?

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